Thursday, October 29, 2015

Days in the Park Goes to Knott's Merry Farm!

If you've spent any time at Days in the Park in the past, you'll no doubt have noticed long ago that my blog has always been one aimed at my own personal adventures, and the things that I most enjoy doing and partaking of myself.

I've been able to do many great things since I've started Days in the Park, and to me, life is just one big "park" that's meant to be enjoyed and experienced to its fullest.

One of the best things I've been able to do since I started this journey and have put myself out there as a writer, is that it often gives me the opportunity to experience things I might not otherwise get to as part of the media, and this year has certainly been no exception as I've been able to experience two different events, well, one is coming up, at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California. I was able to attend their annual "Scary Farm" event (haunt) earlier this month (don't be surprised if you don't see an article all about that in the next couple of days as Halloween winds down (I wanted to do it as an homage and to get people pumped up for next year), but thanks to the blog, I've also been invited back near the end of November to experience a whole new (new to me, anyways) event at Knott's, their annual "Merry Farm" event, in honor of Christmas and the upcoming holiday season.

In fact, this year, Joy itself (and what's better than a little joy in one's hears?) is in season at Knott’s Merry Farm!

Just a few of this year's highlights include:
  • Snoopy and a cast of world class ice skaters perform Merry Christmas, Snoopy!, a whimsical ice show bursting with characters and remarkable skating. 
  • In Santa’s Christmas Cabin, guests can share their wish lists with jolly ol’ St. Nick and savor some of Knott’s world famous holiday treats.
  • Take a trip back in time and celebrate Christmas in the Old West town of Calico! Climb aboard the Calico Railroad for Christmas on Engine 41 and meet Ghost Town residents eager to share their holiday plans with you. 
  • Those looking for great gift ideas can shop Knott’s Christmas Crafts Village, a shopping wonderland where local artisans demonstrate their craft and sell their unique gifts. 
  • In the evening, join Snoopy as he lights up the night in the Snoopy’s Merriest Tree Lighting show, then take a stroll through Ghost Town where snow gently falls while thousands of sparkling lights dance to the beat of holiday music.

And as always, Knott's continues to support our military by making their season even jollier than it may have been, by letting them in on the holiday cheer with some fantastic savings geared towards them, and thanking them for their service to all of us and this country.

Knott’s Berry Farm continues its tradition of honoring the brave men and women who have served
in the U.S. military, both past and present, with free admission during its 26th annual Military Tribute.

Knott’s is the only theme park that has continuously offered free admission to veterans and active military personnel in honor of our nation’s Veteran’s Day holiday.

The free-admission offer applies to all U.S. veterans, retired and active military personnel and their spouse (or one guest.)  Up to six additional tickets may be purchased at Knott’s Ticket Booths for only $25 each from November 1 - 20 and for $30 each November 21 through December 20, 2015.  Military personnel may also purchase additional tickets at a participating local Military ticket office.

U.S. veterans, retired and active military personnel must present military ID or proof of U.S. military service at Knott’s ticket booths to receive the complimentary tribute tickets.  Veteran, retired and active military personnel must U.S. veterans, retired and active military can also take advantage of a great $89 a night rate at the Knott’s Hotel, plus free parking. Rate is based upon a standard room and subject to availability. For reservations, call (866) 752-2444, or visit or your local military base.

Make fun part of your holiday tradition at Knott’s Merry Farm November 21-January 3. And while you're at it, now might be a great time (since you should definitely be thinking of going by this point anyways) to look at some of the fantastic season pass options that Knott's has going. You won't get a better bang for your buck, and now's the perfect time to either buy your own passes, or perhaps purchase one as Christmas presents for your loved ones, so that they can look forward to enjoying Knott's Berry Farm for the entire upcoming season, and year!

Make fun part of your holiday tradition beginning this year at Knott’s Merry Farm, November 21-January 3.

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Days in the Park is Getting a New Look!

As you may have noticed, Days in the Park has a slightly different look this morning than it has in quite some time...

I hope that you will continue to check back (most likely tomorrow) as I reintroduce myself to the world, because as Walt Disney himself once said (and he's the inspiration for this new revamp that I am doing), "Curiosity keeps leading us down new paths".

I hope that you'll follow me down some of mine. You won't always like them probably, but they are mine, and everyone needs to follow their path.

See you soon!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's the Little Things... "Wreck-It-Ralph" Penny Presser

The Wreck-It Ralph penny presser - the Star Trader - Tomorrowland - Disneyland Park

We realize that we probably sound like a broken record saying it, and to be honest, we don't even remember if we swiped it from someone else or coined it on our own (we'll go with coined it on our own since it sounds better and sounds more intelligent), but when it comes to The Parks, it truly is about "the little things". Throw Space Mountain and Splash Mountain into a random field, and what do you have? Two awesome attractions in the middle of a field! Throw them into Disneyland and what do you have? Two awesome attractions inside the Happiest Place on Earth, which just happens to be decorated to the hilt and is an absolutely amazing place to wander around. See the difference? It's all about the little touches and little things you see all over that really stand out and will stay with you long after you've gone.

One of our favorite collectibles, or souvenirs inside The Parks, are the penny pressers. Even if you've never been to Disneyland before, they're certainly nothing new, and you can find them just about anywhere people are selling souvenirs. For all I know Pilot truck stops may have them these days... In case you're not familiar though, the concept is simple. You drop a couple of quarters into the machine, and a penny you're willing to sacrifice to the cause, turn a handle a few times, and your penny magically gets smushed, stretched, and imprinted with a little artwork commemorating your location or whatever it is that you're doing. Simple and easy souvenir, and easily stored too!

These things are everywhere around The Parks, and they even sell little books for you to keep all the ones you collect from the different attractions, restaurants, shops, and everywhere else inside. It's a neat, fun little thing to do and you can even turn it into a game: "How many penny pressers are there inside The Parks and can you find them all?" might be a fun one to play! No. Seriously. There are entire websites dedicated to these things people, and anytime someone finds a new one or a new one is introduced, it's a big deal. No. Seriously.

Although we're not huge penny pressers (is that a verb?) around here, we do indeed have a favorite presser inside The Park! This particular one was introduced when Disneyland started a Wreck-It Ralph Meet and Greet to hone in on the popularity of the movie when it was released, and when the Starcade was transformed to have a little mini-video game arcade inside, this little beauty came along with it; for the video game nerds, our very own Wreck-It Ralph penny presser, shaped just like Fix-It Felix's apartment building! And if that wasn't enough, for our fifty cents we could smush up our pennies to show pictures of either Ralph, Felix, or my own personal favorite, Vanellope on them! And yes, I do own a Vanellope penny, if I could just find it.

While many penny pressers around The Parks do have different styles they're shaped in, or themes according to where they are located, this particular presser always stood out to us not just because of its subject matter, which is pretty darn cool and close to our hearts, but because of the "little things". It would have been super easy to just throw another presser together, slap a Ralph logo on it, and place it inside the arcade and it still would have made a pretty penny (pun totally intended). In this case, however, someone decided to go that extra mile and design it in such a way that it evoked a fantastic memory from the movie and, like we said earlier up top, it stayed with us long after we'd gone after seeing it for the first time. In fact, we'd just assumed that it had gone away with the Meet and Greet when it was done, so imagine our surprise and glee this past weekend when we saw it still alive and well while walking through the Starcade after riding Space Mountain.

It's the "little things", all over, that really make The Parks special. It's true, and we will continue to espouse it as long as people are here reading about it. Probably longer.

What are some of your favorite things from around the Disneyland Resort?